Swift & Easy Nail Polish Remover wipes – so safe they can fly!

The thing about liking to wear nail polish every day is that sooner or late it has to come off…

Who doesn’t love great looking nails? Wearing nail polish is fun and also a great way to keep your toes and fingernails looking fabulous. However if you wear polish, it is likely going to chip. Sooner or later your polish will need to come off and be re-done. Or you might just like a change of colour.

Nail Polish Remover will be what you need at this point. A swift and easy way to get the polish off. Now comes the dangerous part. Will an acetone based nail polish remover do the trick? Yes, that will work. But is it safe? Well noooo. “Absolutely not!” is the short answer.

Most nail polish removers are full of toxic chemicals. Chemicals that can – over time- cause cancer, asthma and mess with your reproductive system. Acetone is particularly dangerous because it is flammable. You shouldn’t be putting something on your skin that is corrosive enough to melt plastic. Even just inhaling these chemicals can cause real damage. Think how bad it smells in a nail salon and you will understand how toxic this stuff is.

The bad news about toxic nail polish removers are they can burn your skin, damage your cuticles and give you a headache. And for someone who likes to travel they are just plain inconvenient. Being flammable you dare not take acetone with you when you go away on business or on holiday. Acetone based nail polish removers are totally forbidden on an aircraft.

The good news is you don’t need to worry about the risk of chipped nail polish when you go away with Swift & Easy. You can just pop our nail polish remover pads compact into your handbag and step past security and onto the plane.

Swift & Easy nail polish remover wipes are also super easy to use and they smell great. They contain essential oil of lime and one pad is large enough to do all 10 nails.
We are very proud of our CosPlus nail polish remover wipes. We know they are quality.

But what do I love most about Swift & Easy nail polish remover wipes? They can fly!

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