How to get your nails back after removing acrylic nails


Getting your nails coated in acrylic is like covering your nails with plastic adhesive. The acrylics may look good while they’re on, but once you take them off…  well, you won’t recognise them!

Sometimes worse than that. Your nails won’t just look bad. They will hurt. One thing is sure your nails will be badly damaged. Having brittle, splitting and thin nails will make growing them out much harder.. That is the bad news. The good news is that this can be fixed.

The truth is your nails may look awful for a few weeks, but if you can stay strong-hearted and not go faint-hearted about this, there is a way you can get fabulous nails to grow. A way to end up with nails that are strong and healthy. Nails that will look and feel great. Fabulous nails that are your OWN.

Read on below for a routine to follow that will “Take your nails from Ruined to Fabulous”.

  1. The shorter, the better. When growing your nails out, it is very important to keep them trimmed. Making the switch from trendy coffin nails to stubs may be tough, but during the first few weeks your nails probably won’t be strong enough to keep their length without tearing. Keep an emery board with you at all times to file nails that tear. Remove any ragged edges that could cause a painful rip.
  1. Use a cuticle oil. Focus on nurturing your cuticles and nourishing your skin. Your nails are made of keratin, but your cuticles and the nail bed beneath your nails are made of connective tissue. Feeding your skin the nutrients it needs will improve your overall nail health and promote healthy nail growth. Treatments like Vitamin E, olive, coconut and almond oil will nourish and protect your skin. While going through this initial recovery stage apply cuticle oil daily and massage it into your cuticles and over the top of your nails.
  1. Use a Hand cream. The fastest way to get younger looking hands is to use a good hand cream. Apply a moisturising cream to your hands morning and night just as you do the skin on your face. Your hands will quickly look much better for adding this routine – and so will your nails and cuticles.


  1. Soak your nails into a nourishing nutrient bath. There are a great many different recipes that will provide nails with essential nutrients that will help them grow. However in the initial stages after removing acrylics your primary focus should be on repairing and restoring your nail bed. Here my suggestion is to use a hand soak. Putting your fingers into a dip of orange juice, olive oil, milk, or even garlic oil for about 10-15 minutes a few days each week will do the trick.


  1. Get yourself a nail hardener This step will have to wait until at least 3 or 4 week AFTER you have removed acrylic nails. It is important to note that initially your nails will be severely compromised. The integrity of your nail bed will need to be your primary focus at first. Spend 3- 4 weeks nourishing and nurturing your nails before you even think about using a nail strengthener. Cut your nails short, apply your hand cream and cuticle oil daily – and only then –  go and get yourself a top quality nail hardener and apply it every day for at least 4 weeks. If you walk into any beauty salon or pharmacy you will see a great many nail care products you can use to help strengthen and grow recovering nails. Here I have to say that hands-down, the best nail hardener in the world is CosPlus Premier Nail Hardener.


  1. Avoid Acetone based nail polish removers.. One important point to note while you are restoring your natural nails and nurturing them towards healthy nail growth is in how you remove your nail varnishes. Be very careful of using acetone based nail polish removers. Acetone will dry out and damage your skin and strip your skin and nails of natural oils. Using CosPlus. Swift & Easy nail polish remover wipes will help restore natural nails. They are quick and easy to use. They smell wonderful too!


These quick tips will help repair the damage from acrylics, but remember you will need to be patient. The drawcard with acrylics is there is no waiting – they are instant. Growing your own nails will not happen overnight. But it will happen! Be good to yourself. Stay true and stay strong… and it will happen. Before you know it, you will feel great. And you will have fabulous nails. YOUR OWN!

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