A Balanced Diet for Strong nails.


A good diet promotes healthy nails. Strong nails don’t usually need hard work. But cracked, discoloured or brittle can mean lack of nutrients and sometimes health problems. Looking after our body shows on our nails. A well-balanced diet, full of vitamins, protein, and minerals keeps the body healthy. 

Fruit and Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes and carrots are high in vitamin A, while carrots also contain vitamin B6. Green vegetables, like asparagus and broccoli, are high in vitamin A while spinach and other leafy greens have calcium, iron and antioxidants.  Fruits are also full of vitamins that help our body stay strong and consequently our nails too. Blueberries, blackberries and grapes are high in antioxidants which help protect your body’s cells against free radical damage. Kiwi has vitamin C and bananas B6. Best as snacks or even dessert. Dried fruits are another healthy option.

Meat Products

Red meat is full of protein and iron, but that doesn’t mean you should eat steaks every day. Red meat is high in saturated fat, and eating too much of it is associated with other health problems. Lean meat products are another good source of iron and protein which contribute to making your nails stronger.


Eggs contain protein vitamins A and E and calcium. Biotin is found in the egg yolk. The B complex vitamin can help restore dry or brittle nails. Furthermore, eggs are a healthy meal choice, they are low in calories and fat.


Yeast and barley are two of the many grain products that contain the B-complex vitamin biotin and protein which is vital for healthy nails. Brown rice, oats, rye and buckwheat are also rich in vitamins A and B. Finally, brewer’s yeast which is used to make bread has B-complex vitamins and zinc.


Almonds are a good source of protein and are full of magnesium, which helps maintain healthy nails. Vertical ridges in the nails can be a sign of low magnesium. Other sources of magnesium are leafy greens and soybeans.


Vegetarians or anyone trying to avoid too much meat, another source of protein that also contains biotin for a well-balanced diet is soybeans. Lentils are full of vitamin B6 and Sulphur amino acids.

Salmon and Oysters

Salmon is a good source of biotin and protein, along with omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation. Inflammation impairs the healthy development of your nail plate. Last but not least, oysters have 74 grams of zinc per serving which is needed for making proteins like those in your nails. Beef and poultry, as well as baked beans, can help, since having oysters every day is not always an option.


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