Nail Hardener

Based on an exclusive new formula with ALOE VERA for extra care. CosPlus hardens and brightens nails, prevents splitting and will generally show good results in just 10 days.

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Swift & Easy Polish Remover Wipes

The modern way to remove nail polish, that dissolves the nail polish without hazardous chemicals. It has a special Non-drying formula, no harmful vapours, Lint-free, no messy cotton wool, no more spills.

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Buy CosPlus Premier and Swift & Easy Polish Remover wipes together and get 20% off.

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No More Split or Broken Nails

Give your hands a makeover treat from CosPlus, Australia's best range of hand and nail treatment products.

Inexpensive and easy to use, CosPlus treatment products are the perfect first aid kit for soft, brittle or discoloured nails and dry and splitting cuticles.

Not all women have time to add the more drawn-out habit to their beauty routine, so CosPlus has established its range to quickly solve hand and nail problems and keep them at bay.


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